Museum Mum’s FREE February half term holiday museum activity calendar

Next week is the first half term of 2015 – and being February, it will probably be blinking fr-reezing, and you’re still skint from Christmas. But fear not, you London parents – our fantastic museums have plenty to keep you to stop you climbing those icy walls, and keep you off those cold streets.

In Museum Mum tradition, I’ve created a calendar of free museum family events happening in London over half term – all with no entrance or event charges. That’s right, completely fr-ree. So not only can you keep yourself sane, you can also save on home heating costs too!

There’s everything from puppet shows, craft sessions, sports activities, nature trails, science demonstrations, talks and tours to story time and singing and dancing. With nearly 750 activities listed, the biggest problem might be choosing! Here’s the timetable:

Listings start from Saturday 14 February 2015 and run until Sunday 22 February 2015, with a few stragglers outside these dates. It’s a google calendar – so you can easily copy any events that interest you to your own diary. Any errors are entirely blamed on jet lag (it’s a real thing, who knew?) Wherever possible I’ve added the URL of the original listing so please check before you head out. If you’re a museum with a free activity that hasn’t been listed, drop me a line.

If you want to say it’s Feb-ulous then please do one or more of the following:

  • add a comment below – a simple ta will suffice, or let me know what you’ve enjoyed
  • share with your networks – facebook, twitter, your local parenting groups
  • follow me for more updates – click on the brown cog on the top right hand side of this blog and enter your email to get automatic updates
  • tweet me @vykisparkes
  • I’m also now on Instagram! @museummum

For all you non-Londoners, don’t get envious – search to see what’s happening in your local museum.

PS. If you want some inspiration, why not check out these reviews: Museum of London and Kenwood House.


3 thoughts on “Museum Mum’s FREE February half term holiday museum activity calendar

  1. Thank you!
    This made finding the perfect activity for my wanna be astronaut a simple 2 minute task….you are an angel!

    Wishing you and yours a brilliant half term

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