Museums for Minecraft fans – Make. Hack. Do. festival at the Science Museum

Hands up – I don’t know what Minecraft is. I *think* it is a cult which young boys (in particular) pledge allegiance to at the age of about 10, and then cannot leave their house, have social interaction or do anything which doesn’t involve an electronic tablet. I really should google it.

What I do know is that some mums have mentioned to me that it’s hard to get their Minecraft addicts to museums – and one of my aims is to show how museums are places for everyone. 

From tomorrow, Thursday 29 May, until Sunday 1 June 2014, the Science Museum is holding a festival which seems a perfect way to lure your Minecraft devotees out of their caves and into a museum: the Make. Hack. Do. Festival.

Suitable for ages 10 and up, this four-day festival promises hands-on workshops and activities exploring the creative uses of electronics and 3D printing. One of the events, ‘Printcraft’, uses the game Minecraft to create 3D objects – which you can then make for real with a 3D printer. 

Need more convincing? Your kids can create electronic instruments from vegetables, build and program a robot, make live music with computer coding, doodle a 3D sculpture, have their 3D face put on a trophy, and meet inventors and artists using electronics and 3D printing in creative ways.

Best of all – it’s FREE! 

Surely that sounds better than another wet half term day at home?

More details are available here:


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